40 Sons

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Who’s your favourite Canadian band?

  1. diamond-ona-landmine said: Alexisonfire, hands down
  2. miles-around answered: Die Mannequin
  3. outerface answered: Billy Talent
  4. trappedinmymiindd answered: Billy Talent <3
  5. neverrender answered: billy talent
  6. ineffablegreenslinky answered: Billy talent and Mother Mother
  7. sasubun answered: Billy Talent
  8. chimkascollection answered: Billy Talent :-)
  9. singinginthemilk answered: Billy Talent <3
  10. flea-is-a-pea answered: neil young (well not a band whatever) and billy talent!
  11. eerosblog answered: Danko Jones & Billy Talent
  12. umbrie answered: Billy Talent. In face, I’m gonna put some on right now.
  13. cgraciegrace said: Nickelback :)
  14. panicandcreation answered: panic!at the disco, of course…
  15. shesjustsomebodysdaughter said: Nickelback :) <3
  16. mana-junkie answered: The Guess Who
  17. blackpoisonedblood answered: Three Days Grace. Marianas Trench.
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