40 Sons

Band website builders ...................This is the official 40 sons tumblr page. we always reply, so make sure you say hi! For more exclusive content from the band, check us out on facebook -> (iii) and twitter->(iii) or download our music here->(iii)

Thanks for all the love on our first real music video. We wouldn’t be able to have made it without the support of our fans, and Jeff Joslin and Showdown Joe of the UFC.
We could really use your help though. This video and all the music we record cost us a lot of money and it’s no good to anyone if no one hears it. So if you like what you hear, please reblog our videos, share them on Facebook and show show them to your friends. It would mean the world to us.

Thank you!

  1. shawnn21 said: U guys are fucking awesome!! Do u travel and do concerts? I know a lot of ppl and can prob get u in somewhere.
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    These guys are pretty good..
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