40 Sons

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8th-petticoat-seagrift asked: What is the inspiration for your bands name? Do you all intend to have 10 sons?

How did you know!?!?!

hella--spooky asked: ahoy there, gotta say i'm digging y'all's sound :D

ty ty
It’s always a pleasure to hear that! 

euthanasia-for-mankind asked: Hey, I love your music! It's unusual for type of music I listen and it's in those "exceptions" I looove to hear. Cheers and a lot of success! :)

Amazing compliment! Thanks for letting us know we’re doing a good job. Hope to hear from you again soon


unwonderless asked: Wow guys! Ya'll are amazing! :D I'm impressed.

No. YOU’RE amazing because you took the time to listen to our music :3



Our video for I Have the Gun has made it to almost 4000 views in one month! Here’s to everyone who continues to support what we do by listening to our music and sharing it with their friends!

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snowmanpyro asked: Boo ya! Well sounds like you're living the dream. :)

Just about. When we do our first European tour, then I think we’re officially living the dream.