40 Sons

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We’re  releasing our official live music video for “Won’t Give Up” (track 6 from the album 40 Sons) on Tuesday next week. Until then, enjoy our previous single, I Have the Gun, and please remember to Reblog!

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Who Do You Think You Are?
Acoustic rendition of one of the heavier tracks on our 2013 self-titled album, 40 Sons.


Partied with a leprechaun last night.

Partied with a leprechaun last night.

Happy Canada Day from 40 Sons!!

inside-out-again asked: Musician to struggling musician(me): Do you have any advice to give for me as I begin to get my music out there? Any advice on how you guys write the music to your lyrics?

Play every chance you get and record every idea you come up with so no good idea goes to waste. We each have hundreds of voice memos on our smartphones of riffs, drum beats or lyrical ideas. Then we take them into band practice and jam them out.

Best of luck!

Link Andrews, bass 

logieloghead asked: I love you guys' sound! Are you touring at all?!

A bit around Ontario and Quebec right now. We’ll be hitting the States soon if all goes according to plan :D