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So stoked to play KOI Music Festival tomorrow night! 

We’ll be on at 11:30pm at The Hive, 200 King St. E, Kitchener.

Can’t believe it’s already been a year since we recorded this cover!
Thanks for the Tumblr love everyone!

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amadoreusei asked: I really loved this band... Is it you? OMG... Wonderfull! I'll share with my friends! You are very good!

Yes yes yes! This is the official 40 Sons Tumblr page run by 40 Sons. We’re stoked to hear that you like our music. Thanks for sharing!

Barbershop Podcast

For everyone who missed it last night, here’s our Barbershop Podcast. 
Watch us get our buzz on with our hosts, Kevin and Ryan, as we talk about musical inspirations, songwriting, Kanye West, and finding good people in the sea of dicks that is the music industry. 
Plus four live acoustic tracks!


Coming up on the one year anniversary of our very first music video. Can’t even begin to express how grateful we are for all the likes, views and shares we’ve gotten since then!!

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